01 December 2004

Why, Yahoo, WHY?!!

So I went to check my email for the 10th time today(I have no life!) and discovered that Yahoo, in its infinite amount of benevolance, has decided to upgrade my mail storage quota from 100mb to 250mb! Who the fuck needs 250 mb of email storage? Apparently people have forgotten how to manage their inbox and delete files etc etc. I am currently using a pitiful 2% of my storage capacity.

If anybody wants to lease some storage space, email me @ ivegotmorespacethaniwilleverneedtostoreuselesstripe@thisisfakeemail.com

Got a busy week ahead of me with these PRISM concerts here at FSU - don't ask. Ehh, you can ask, but I might lie to you. Want to "hook up" with this girl - let's refer to her as M for now. I feel like I'm 16 again, but without the acne and bad hair. She plays clarinet and has the most beautiful blue eyes! I must make this happen for it is chance-taking time! I leave you, the reader, with a few words from the Dream Theater, as a motto that I take into the battlefield of the realm of relationships:

"To those who understand,
I extend my hand,
To the doubtful I demand,
Take me as I am.

Not under your command,
I know where I stand,
I won't change to fit your plan,
Take me as I am."

P.S. I also wanna give a shout out to my lil' sis, Mel. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY (23rd) BIRTHDAY!!!!

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Blogger Groove Salad said...

Ain't dat da shweetesht?!

12/01/2004 7:02 AM


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