06 February 2007

The continuation of life.

Well, well, well...life just keeps on rolling along. My life right now is in a strange state. I can almost see past the end of my degree now and the future is looking interesting. I am certain I will be moving to Germany sometime this summer, but am not certain as to what exactly I will be doing once I get there. I am mulling over the idea of continuing my studies at a musikhochschule. A part of me, however, is not too thrilled with the prospect of even more schooling at this point in my life. It would allow me to have a student visa, though. As far as jobs go, it is still a big question mark. I think I just need to be there and in time an opportunity will unfold before me.

I am putting in comparitively more hours at the vision place than last semester. That sucks. I do need the money, though. I am no longer a teaching assistant at FSU and have to finance myself somehow. Not being a TA is nice. I have fewer responsibilities officially in the studio, but being one of the sax grads I still like to have my hands in things. Teaching continues to be fun and challenging. I am glad I still like it! I still want to further my playing career, but teaching is such a rewarding experience. Overall, anyway. Sometimes it downright stinks!

It will be nice leaving Tallahassee after three years. This place will never be as special to me as Flagstaff was and is, but the fact that I met Valerie here was worth being here. I can't wait to see her on the 26th!!! Fun times are a-coming! See you all on the next page...

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