24 September 2006

Alright, OK, you win.

Time to be gettin' a-postin' again'. This will be my New-Fall's Resolution. Thank the Groove for the inspiration.


A lot has been going on in the last four weeks. Valerie came and left(as of yesterday). It was so completely wonderful to have her here for such a long stay. I feel we got to know another level of what is possible in our relationship. Every time I see her or talk to her it feels like The Right Thing. I am taking a German language class and it is so much fun to speak Deutsch with my little imp!


School has been semi-crazy so far. I feel like the ball is just beginning to roll now. Vacation is over and the real shit is about to hit. Having neglected my saxophone the past few weeks has actually created a good effect in me. I have an overabundance of musical drive building inside me and can't wait to let it all out in the practice room. That's how it goes with musicians sometimes. It would be folly to say that we musicians are inspired and creative every day of our lives. Ups and downs are part of our game, too.


Time to get back to living, working, and playing music. And hopefully not swearing so much. I'm like a freaking sailor over here.

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How doth Groove inspire?

9/25/2006 4:56 AM


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