06 June 2005


It has surely been a relaxing and satisfying weekend. The most satisfying part of it by far is that I got my Mustang back! Now that my car has received its organ transplants it runs and sounds like its brand spankin' new. It should be so good considering the cost involved with the repairs.

I had Saturday off from work for the second week in a row. Feels pretty sweet.

This weekend also signifies the beginning of my new diet program. I say diet because it is the only convenient term for what I am doing. Mostly my new diet involves virtually eliminating all fast food consumption. All of that really really great tasting stuff makes me feel like shit most of the time and fast food is widely known to be unhealthy. Plus, eating that crappiness conflicts with my exercise regimen. It's counterproductive to my new health goals. So, we'll see how long I can keep my new diet going. After just two days so far I really do feel better.

Now I am watching more DS9 on DVD. Hell yeah.

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