16 July 2005

Turning 60 while feeling like 25.

Happy 60th posting to me!!!

Ahh, it has been a wonderful time these last sixty posts. How the time flies! I have done a lot of growing and changing during this time-some good, some not so good.

Rain has befallen Tallahassee almost every day this week. It is "the cat's ass" to be sure. It's actually quite amusing that it should rain the precise week I have decided to take up skating again. By skating I mean the so-called 'aggressive inline skating' thing. Ever since my pre-teen days I have had the urge to take up some form of extreme sports, be it bmx, skateboard, or inline. I figured that now is the chance to do it because, well, let's say that I aint getting any younger! Also, I hope that when the end of my time here comes that I face it with the knowledge that I did as many of the things I planned on doing in this life, ya get me? So, here's hoping that I don't break my brain-box on some stupid ramp or rail. *enters into silent prayer*

Just finished watching the season premieres of Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis on Sci Fi. Man, I love those shows, especially Atlantis. The momentum they got going into this second season makes for some pretty compelling television.

Hey, check out this picture of the penthouse apartment I am moving into at the end of this month. Pretty neato!! Actually, this is a model of the redesigned Freedom Tower, to be erected in New York City. They went back to the drawing board when it was deterrmined that the original design wasn't as strongly 'terrrorist-proof' as they had intended it to be. This new tower is set back further from the street to thwart the would-be truck-bombers out there and that gray block at the base is a 200 ft reenforced concrete block to minimize structural failure in the event of catastrophe. I like the new asthetic.

Next stop slumberland, population: me.

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Blogger Groove Salad said...

I like the new Freedom Tower design, but I still think they should've gone with my two options:

1. A building that shoots lasers at approaching threats. Or catches them in a tractor beam. Or beams them to the Sun. Or has a force field. Yes.

2. A new race. An elite race. A mechanical race. A Buildasaur. Not only is this building a functional workspace, but it has the capability to transform into an animal-looking-killing-machine! ROOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!

7/27/2005 7:07 PM


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