19 June 2005

Word up.

Skiddly doo skank da slap-happy shizzle,

Fetching dogs' frisbees da man doth fizzle,

Changa-langa woop hoop da funky chunk slizzle,

Hippity bippity snap get the word out, my nizzle.

Drop it, chop it, skid it out da way,

Peeps call me da DooDoo and I a-here to stay,

Fresh shit, fat shit, funky shit I play,

Keepin it real in da Tallahassay.

Word up, bitches!

5 Responses:

Blogger Groove Salad said...

*like ms. krabappel on the simpsons*


I like this.


6/19/2005 7:24 PM

Blogger CRXbot said...

Hahaha DooDoo I totally cracked it up, yo, when I read this post. Did you make that up? Cause that's pretty sillay. Hahahaha ::big sigh:: yeaaaah... funny.

6/21/2005 3:56 AM

Blogger Groove Salad said...

Sillay like your FACE, CRXbot!

6/21/2005 4:05 AM

Blogger CRXbot said...

Aw ::hangs head:: I have been beaten.

6/21/2005 4:09 AM

Blogger Groove Salad said...

Dood, it's like... the 24th, man.


"You said it, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus."

6/24/2005 11:04 PM


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