04 July 2006

Motherf***ing censorship!

Okay, I've about had it up to here(top o'da head) with radio these days!

Today at the "Works of the Vision" I was rather grumbily making glasses like I always do. On the local "Your home of the best new rock!" station came the song A.D.I.D.A.S. by Korn. As many of you probably know, this clever little acronym stands not for the illustrious shoe manufacturers but rather the line sung in the chorus: "All Day I Dream About Sex".

Okay, that line is not much of a surprise coming from a stunted male human. The thing that really got to me, however, was that when it came to the chorus, the radio station was forced to use a censored copy of the song and the line that states "All day I dream about f***ing" was grossly perverted into some backward twisting of the audio track, done obviously with a computer.

Now, the issue here is with the censorship of the F-Bomb. In many people's eyes this song and others like it should be censored in order to prevent us from hearing the deadly curse words flung in amply by many of today's bands. But I disagree.

How come this song and others like it are allowed to be played on the radio at all, then? I personally have no issues with the cursing. I have been known to knock around an explative or two. I own the album this song is on. S'all good. I think people feel that these songs must be censored on order to keep our impressionable youth from discovering and learning to use curse words. *gasps* Holy f***ing sh*t!! But wouldn't these same people also object to the content of the song and others like it?

I feel that you should either play a song unedited on the radio, or not play it at all. Same goes for movies on TV. I'm sorry, but our children learn about cursing and sex and drugs and violence through today's radio and TV airplay anyway. Shouldn't it be everyone's individual right of choice to turn the radio to another station if a song offends them, rather than putting up with dirty, perverse songs being played with garbled curse words in them?

If an artist intends for a song, a show, or a movie to have curse words in it, shouldn't that 'vision' be allowed to exist as a whole? I do not understand why this duality of standards and morals exists. It's similar to the issue of sex being censored in a movie that primarily promotes violence or gore, but I dare not travel that treacherous terrain today.

I will list the lyrics of the song below for those of you not familiar with this timeless classic, censored for your pleasure!

Song: A.D.I.D.A.S.
Band: Korn

Oh I'm gonna see somehow it always seems that I'm dreaming of something I could never be.
Doesn't matter to me 'cos I will always be that pimp I see in all of my fantasies.

I don't know your f***ing name.
So what let's...

Screaming at me the only way that I can truly be free from my f***ed up reality.
So I dream and stroke it harder 'cos it's so fun to see my face staring back at me.

I don't know your f***ing name.
So what let's f***.

All day I dream about sex.
All day I dream about f***ing.

All day I dream about f***ing.

All day I dream about sex, yes,
All day I dream about sex and,
All day I dream about sex, yes,
All day I dream about sex.

All day I dream about sex.
All day I dream about f***ing.

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Blogger Groove Salad said...


7/04/2006 6:17 PM

Anonymous germanchick said...

Why do people not want to hear words about sex? Do they not like sex? Really? Why would people not want their children to hear about sex? Do they not want their children to enjoy it themselves some day?
I must be wrong, because I like sex and I find it normal and I TALK about it. All day long if I desire to.
Please move here soon, you can curse, even on the radio! (Isn't that a good argument???)

Happy Independence Day!

7/04/2006 8:58 PM


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