07 December 2004

Teen comedies, pure travesty.

Ok, I know everyone knows this, but teen comedies are so unrealistic. No matter what hardships the male lead character faces throughout the movie, he always gets the girl. The most incredible, unbelieveable obstacles befall the poor shlub and somehow he gets through it and wins the girl. Pure bullshit. Are these movies made to give us hope for our own lives, or are they merely meant to be colorful puffs of cotton candy?

I bring this up after having just watched the recent release The Girl Next Door. I guess these sexually-fuelled masterpieces are simply a way for studios to make a quick buck off of horny male moviegoers. Or they could contain some hidden symbolism about how aliens are releasing these films in order to entice millions of young teens to fuck each other, resulting in the rapid overpopulation of the planet Earth. Natural resources and fossil fuels will be consumed at an accelerated rate and the whole human race will die off. And all of this because of a bet between two of the aliens on which of their guesses will come closer to the year of the Earth's demise! Pretty sick and twisted, but POSSIBLE???

Eh, these movies for me serve only to frustrate. I know they are fluff but sometimes they ALMOST convince me that finding a girlfriend is a piece of cake, when in most cases it certainly is not. Like this whole thing with M. I'm not so sure anymore if my intuition has served me well, or if it has clouded my judgement. I just have this feeling that she is not interested. Oh well, I am gonna let this one cool off over winter break and see what, if anything, comes from it later on. She has my phone number now. Now I wait to see if she calls. But I'm not gonna wait with too much anticipation, feel me?

Man, I have to do something else with my days...too much time and blogging spent on M. I need a hobby. Any suggestions?

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Blogger Groove Salad said...

More S.T. models like at home in your room. Yeah... Actually, those are cool.


12/07/2004 8:18 AM


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