25 April 2005

This is a song about a whale - NO!!!

The end of the school year is right around the corner and I am looking forward to it for sure. Time to get in some summer hours at work and save up those greenbacks! I'll be able to exercise and go cycling more often. Ahh, time for the finer things in life. And, of course, I will be able to get in some more quality practice time on the ol' saxophone! I am planning to perform a special solo recital at the end of September or early October so I definitely need the time.

Things are going alright for me these days, I guess. I went on a bike ride today and was attacked by a goose! I rode up to a lake near my house and I think one of the geese was guarding some eggs. When I approached it the goose started making noises at me and actually charged me and flapped its wings wildly! Scared the poop out of me and passers by in their cars got a good laugh at my expense.

I did sign the paperwork for my teaching assistantship a couple of weeks ago. Very exciting!! I finally will be able to practice what I want to do for the rest of my days - to pass on knowledge and experience in saxophone and music in general. It will be nice having responsibilities at the university. I felt this last year that I was kind of floating by as just a grad student and am looking forward to a change. I will be teaching the woodwinds methods class, coaching a saxophone quartet, and teaching private saxophone lessons. And FSU is footing the bill! Ha.

I found a new place to live for next year. I am moving in with three other saxophonists. Sheesh! That's gonna be nuts for sure.

The only real downside right now is that it seems to me that every woman I have an interest in hooks up with someone before I have the chance to get anywhere with them. It's really upsetting and demoralizing. Boo-hiss! But this topic is a can of worms and we'll kindly not go there for now.

The sax studio appears to be getting more closely acquainted as of late. A few of us have been making regular visits to a local pub near the music school calle Poor Paul's Pourhouse. It's a towny-type of place with pool, darts, and those NTN electronic trivia game thingies. Hopefully it will become a tradition. I have really missed the comeraderie of my former studio and would like to have something similar here in Florida. Hey, everyone needs friends, right?

Well, I guess that's enough for now. For all of you who wish to find another facet of the DooDoo's crazy mind, there is a link on this blog somewhere you might want to check out! Toodles!

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Blogger Groove Salad said...

Mmmm... end of the year... when the weather feels extra cool even though the blazing sunball of summer approaches.

Hey, I wouldn't feel a bit embarassed about freaking out regarding that goose. Geese are not to be messed with, I'm told. Better to look like an idiot than be pecked by one!

Yay for the assistantship! I'd wear a Burger King crown inside out allllll semester. Oh, and I'd make it read GOD across the front. Ok, so I wouldn't... but it would be funny.

Actually, God lives here in Tucson and he has his own store. His license plate even says "GOD". So watch out when you're in Tucson.

I like the use of "boo-hiss" ... just like me! :o) Yay!

Yeah, I know what you mean about comraderie - I have none here either. That's why I'm really wanting to get into arch this year, as well, because then I'll have a 48 person family here. :o\

*send me acceptance to arch program vibes!*

4/25/2005 11:17 PM

Blogger Groove Salad said...

"This is a song about a whale - NO!!!"

I told you I'd shoot! Why didn't you believe me?!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

4/27/2005 6:43 AM


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