23 September 2005


Argh! Saxophone, shmaxophone, nothing but saxmophone all the time! Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying teaching. It's just that I could use a little break from it every now and then. And so I took one. A break, I mean. Teaching gave me a headache today so after my last lesson I went home and never left. I probably could have put in more practice time but I'm burning out right now. I guess other things are on my mind. Lots of reading and homework to catch up on for next week. I have been missing skating lately. I've been too busy to go skate and it's frustrating because I was using it as a means of escape and relaxation. Ahh well, I'll get back into it as soon as I can. Now I have just enough time to catch a little sleep and begin teaching saxophone again! You know, I never really cared much for sleep until I began my duties as a teacher. Go figure!

Oh yeah, I threw something into the pit as well.