26 October 2005

Attention, attention: I have updated.

All right, my peeps! I am still here, chugging along on the railroad track of life. Things have been getting pretty intense lately and it has been a struggle just to keep stoking the fire in the boiler. I know I am not really that old yet but I have noticed lately how much more difficult it is to make it through these busy days than it used to be. Being both a student and a teacher is a constant juggling act and like juggling it is all about the trial-and-error process. I constantly find myself trying to maintain a balance and then shifting the balance from time to time when certain things come up that are more important than other things.

This Saturday I will be performing movements II and III of the Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra by Lars-Erik Larsson in one of our saxophone studio recitals. I rehearsed with my pianist tonight and it went well, leaving me in an upbeat mood. This is good because my mood has not been so upbeat lately. I have been having identity issues where the saxophone is concerned. This is one of those periods in my musical development where I am unsure as to how I want to sound and how I interpret musical phrases and ideas. Being a teacher has me thinking so much about the process of music making that sometimes I lose sight of the product I want to create. But after I played the second movement of the Larsson tonight I regained some perspective. The mental enima it provided for me was sorely needed.

Another Halloween is upon us and I think I will actually be participating in it this year. Need to find a costume though. Any suggestions? My birthday is approaching as well. November 6, if anybody out there is interested. Send cash. Lots and lots of cash. I will be closer to 30 than 20 this year! I already can sense the mid-life crisis out there on the horizon.

Very apparent love exuded revealing intense excitement because a returned touch's earnest love. There, I've said it.

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Very eager rats yelp 'cause large egos vex ever rapidly.

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