08 December 2004

"Gimme some a dat sweet guitar!"

Sorry, couldn't resist this one. Anyone familiar with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Yeah, I thought so!

this is an audio post - click to play

Go Carl, Go! Aqua Teen kicks ass.

Ok now, I swears I not to post any more audio for at least, um, a day.

It's now early Wednesday morning, and M never called me about getting together to do anything. She'll most likely be leaving for West Virginia in a few hours. Oh, well. I haven't given up on her but I'm not holding my breath either. It's probably better to keep my expectations low and possibly getting surprised by her rather than getting bent out of shape about it.

Well, "Walker: Texas Ranger" is on my TV at the moment, which means there is officially nothing of quality left on the airwaves tonight. It's also the unofficial signal for sleepytime. Zzz...

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