10 April 2008

I am an April Fool.

Where did January, February, and March go? I need to come back here more often.

Things have been fairly hectic these last few weeks. I now teach two days a week at my job in Tübingen so I have to stay overnight at V's parents' house. That doesn't count the times I rehearse Saturday and Sunday down there as well with the sax orchestra. Needless to say I am getting pretty tired of living from a suitcase! Life will hopefully be better once we move down south to be by my job and her family. Some days I really wonder if when I look back on this time I will think it was worth it to travel so much. I mean, one must earn a living and all, but I am not sure this is the way to do it.

I am looking forward to the time in early May when I will be attending a Rascher Quartet workshop. Some of my friends are coming from Florida and that will make it even better. My German is getting ever better but I am needing more English interaction, especially in the realm of music. Sometimes it is hard to communicate complicated musical concepts through the language filter.

I miss my family!!! I hope GrooveSalad and Lis-bo keep checking back here!

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