26 December 2004

Christmas time is here!

Merry Christmas to all!

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! I have been spending too much time being lazy. It's gonna be so hard to get back into the school groove.

Christmas was good for me and my family. I got pretty much everything I wanted. Well, within reason, anyway. I suppose it would have been quite a feat if I had received a new car, yacht, and my own private island all at the same time! I did all of my shopping during the three days before Xmas and it went stress-free, to my delight and surprise. I didn't have any holiday spirit when I first got to Phoenix but being home among family and friends brought it out of me. The only bad thing about Christmas is all the crappy, fatty food. I'ma gonna go into overdrive at the rec center when I get back to FLA.

Went Christmas caroling on the 23rd. I have been a part of this tradition for the past nine years or so and I look forward to it each year. I get together with my friend Alan, his father, cousins and uncle, as well as college friends and kids from my old high school and we play carols with our wind instruments. It's basic four-part harmony writing but they are fun to play. People in our neighborhood look forward to our arrival every year. Some provide snacks...ahh snacks!

The Flagstaff reunion get-together on the 21st was a blast! Everyone who was to show up did and there were others along for the ride as well. We did some bar hopping in Tempe and ended up at Jen's house to finish off the evening. It was so great to swap stories about Flag and learn about each others' current plans and activities. Everyone who was there have completed at least one college degree and are now pursuing their career goals. We all seem to be doing alright in this crazy world. Hopefully I will be getting some digital pictures from a friend and I will post one or two if they look good.

Talked with M a few days back. She's finally in West Virginia and is doing fine. She told me she will most likely be back in Tallahassee on the 31st. If she is gonna be there for New Years I am gonna ask her out to celebrate. This could be the first New Years for me that I don't spend alone! Please, feel free to pity me, if you must. I have never enjoyed this so-called holiday but maybe there's reason to think differently.

Well, I began this post on Christmas day and am now ending it the day after. I therefore wish to you all a very merry day-after-Christmas!

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