17 December 2004


Whew! My car is ok! Got it fixed (for now) today and can check that worry off of my mental checklist. Found out that while I am to be in Phoenix there is to be a grand reunion of a bunch of the old Northern AZ U. gang: Paul, Stephanie, Jen, Jeff, Danielle, Chris, Chris, Eddie, Amos, Ryan, and Me. MUST TAKE PICS AND POST THEM!!! Look for more to follow at a later date than this current post that I am writing on December 17th 2004 right before I plan to go to bed and dream of happy times to come that I will write about for you at a later date to follow.

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Blogger Groove Salad said...

Good about your car.

Mine is in a shop!

I'll post about it eventually...

12/18/2004 5:57 AM


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