10 December 2004

A welcome surprise.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!" - Master Shake
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M called me tonight!!! She called me from "the road". Tonight she stopped over in Knoxville, TN to visit friends from her old undergraduate days. She told me to call her over the break. Hey, she's thinking about me at least. This could be a good sign! Ok, ok, I swear I won't let this go to my head.

I am going to Phoenix in less than ten days now! I am so looking forward to getting away from this place. I haven't left Tallahassee since I got to Florida and I am beginning to feel boxed in. Next semester I must make it a point to see more of the Sunshine State. Although lately I haven't seen much of the sun. It's been raining here - go figure! Hey, at least my car gets a free wash, right?

My semester finally ends tomorrow with the conclusion of my last saxophone lesson. Woo hoo! Then it's off to being a lazy-ass for a while. Sounds like good times.

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