31 December 2004


_long winding road
__shifting worlds in my mind
___tests of will
____nervous anticipation
______________________________so many changes
______one chapter ends another begins
_______no more comfort zone
________a deep dark place i fell into
_________what is wrong with me
___________hit bottom
____________isolation broken
_____________acceptance of the world as it is
_through self comes change
_______________social transformation
________________long way still to go
_________________there is time

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Blogger operadiva222 said...

How much time? I likt this a lot. Much truth involved. Did you write it?

Hope you have a nice New Years.

12/31/2004 3:16 PM

Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

Yes, that poem was penned by me.

1/01/2005 1:29 AM


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