06 February 2006

A sub-perior film, for sure.

After having repeatedly passing by this movie in the video store over the years and after receiving a recommendation from a good friend (Mein kleine Deutsche Keks!), I finally rented Das Boot. What a powerful movie, indeed! I rented the director's cut and I am glad that I did. After three and a half hours I really felt like I had been on that U-boat with the brave crew, facing impossible odds at war with Allied forces. Das Boot is one of those movies that causes you to think about it well after the credits have rolled.

01 February 2006

Holy gold-encrusted turds, Batman!

Well, my recital has been set for March 27 at 8:00 in the PM. I finally received all of the pieces of music I am planning to play for it today!!! I have two months to pull off a tough little program. The pressure somehow feels refreshing, though. Deadlines provide me with motivation!