28 September 2007

I am typing on a German keyboard.

Some of the letters are in different locations and you have to use Shift just to add an apostrophy. So, if I happen to use one in this post you should be thankful that I went through all the trouble. Understand's?

This is another weekend that I am in Tübingen for rehearsals and teaching. Life out of a suitcase! Yay! Normally I would teach my lessons on Monday, but not this week. I am going back to Hannover early to see DREAM THEATER Monday night! That's right, I get to see my favorite band twice in the same concert tour!! I am so ready to rock!!! Hopefully I will post about it afterwards.

After typing all of this I have realized that finding the "Y" on this damn keyboard is much harder than the apostrophy. The German language uses few Y's.

Argh, that last one nearly did me in...

12 September 2007

Well well well...

...my life is finally going along in full swing. Since moving to Germany at the beginning of August I have used the past weeks to become somewhat acclimated to everything. Now I have begun my two jobs and everything is starting to run more smoothly.

I live in Hannover, which lies towards the upper middle of the country. One of my jobs is teaching saxophone and clarinet lessons at a music store/school called Musicus. It is in Wolfsburg, the home of VW automobiles. My other job is also teaching saxophone lessons, but I have to travel to Tübingen, which lies nearer to the southern end of the country. I get to ride the train for FIVE hours there and FIVE hours back every monday/tuesday! But hey, it's a music job...

This weekend is my first rehearsal with the Tübinger Saxophon-Ensemble. This saxophone orchestra is the organization from which I teach in Tübingen. I am excited to rehearse with other musicians again!

Okay then, it is a short update, but at least it's something.