28 May 2006

It's baaack!


My favorite ride in Disneyland California is back open and better than ever! The track layout is identical to before the renovation, but it is all completely rebuilt and feels smooth and fast. It seems darker inside, yet the stars appear to be brighter and more focused than before. The major differences, however, are in the queue(line). The hallways leading to the main chamber are redone in stainless steel and look quite good. The TVs overhead with the fake commercials are gone, as well as the window you could use to see inside the ride.

The sleds are redone somewhat, with the head restraints lowered so you can look around more during the ride. As you begin the ride, an all-new soundtrack comes blaring in through newer speakers. It's kind of a mix of orchestra and electronic music, with a dash of corny sci-fi sounds thrown in. The entire lift hill(s) are completely new, with better visual effects aimed at enhancing your "launch into the unknown reaches of space". Freakin' sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, they repainted it white again and added cool moving light effects, as this snapshot helps to illustrate.

On a different note, I just saw X-Men: The Last Stand tonight. It's a pretty good movie but it definitely goes in directions you may not be expecting. They pretty much make sure the series is finished, but I won't say any more and ruin it for the rest of you.

This is about all I've got in me for tonight. Look back soon for #2 of the Tallahassee for Valerie pictures!

Pre-post post.

*static hiss* Attention, incoming post due to arrive within the next 6-8 hours. *more static*

11 May 2006

Feeling somewhat better.

Thank you to all of the countless multitudes who submitted your kind words concerning my situation with my disappearing girlfriend. Means a lot.

Anyway, I've put up a new link under the boredom section. Bitey Castle is yet another cool animation website centered around a fantasy theme. The creator, Adam Phillips, has taken flash animation to it's full potential. I hope you all visit and enjoy.

Also, check out the newest release by prog supergroup O.S.I. The band is listed on the links to the right. The new album, Free, is quite diverse in itself and is distinctly different from their first album released three years ago.

I still miss my "little heater"! Love you lots!

08 May 2006

Today is the saddest day.

This is for my Valerie.

"You got onto your plane, headed back to Germany, after you called me at 5:30 and I now feel the absence of your presence growing moment by moment. I guess I childishly thought that this day wouldn't really come and now I know that ignorance is, in fact, not bliss."

"Here is a picture I took rather half-heartedly of the airport. I know it isn't great but I thought I should not waste any time taking photos for you for this next year."

"I don't know what I am going to do without you here next year. The future is so uncertain, but I am certain that I will see you again. I will come and visit you, I promise. I hope someday I can visit for a long, long time."

"It's raining here in Tallahassee. The rain mirrors the tears I shed for the absence of you. I know I will be talking with you soon, but it won't be the same as when I held you close these many months. I will always remember the happy times we shared and will continue to change myself for the better in the ways you have taught me."

"Du bist mein Liebling. Ich liebe dich!"