17 July 2005

Skate or die!

Owww! I went to Tallahassee's only skate park today after work to break in my new inline skates and I busted my ass trying to turn on a curved slope. I bled a little and I am plenty sore but that's not gonna stop me from going back!

16 July 2005

Turning 60 while feeling like 25.

Happy 60th posting to me!!!

Ahh, it has been a wonderful time these last sixty posts. How the time flies! I have done a lot of growing and changing during this time-some good, some not so good.

Rain has befallen Tallahassee almost every day this week. It is "the cat's ass" to be sure. It's actually quite amusing that it should rain the precise week I have decided to take up skating again. By skating I mean the so-called 'aggressive inline skating' thing. Ever since my pre-teen days I have had the urge to take up some form of extreme sports, be it bmx, skateboard, or inline. I figured that now is the chance to do it because, well, let's say that I aint getting any younger! Also, I hope that when the end of my time here comes that I face it with the knowledge that I did as many of the things I planned on doing in this life, ya get me? So, here's hoping that I don't break my brain-box on some stupid ramp or rail. *enters into silent prayer*

Just finished watching the season premieres of Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis on Sci Fi. Man, I love those shows, especially Atlantis. The momentum they got going into this second season makes for some pretty compelling television.

Hey, check out this picture of the penthouse apartment I am moving into at the end of this month. Pretty neato!! Actually, this is a model of the redesigned Freedom Tower, to be erected in New York City. They went back to the drawing board when it was deterrmined that the original design wasn't as strongly 'terrrorist-proof' as they had intended it to be. This new tower is set back further from the street to thwart the would-be truck-bombers out there and that gray block at the base is a 200 ft reenforced concrete block to minimize structural failure in the event of catastrophe. I like the new asthetic.

Next stop slumberland, population: me.

12 July 2005





07 July 2005

Take two trips to FLG and call me in the morning.

Hello all! I am still in Phoenix as of now and taking it pretty easy.

My trip to Flagstaff this past weekend was one of the best few days I have had in recent memory. A synopsis of the entire trip is forthcoming. I apologize if this all seems trivial or boring to those of you who do not know me personally.

Friday afternoon my friend Chris picked me up and we headed to Flag. We had our first of two gigs that night with our band Pithecanthropus Erectus and we needed to be in town by 5 pm to rehearse. It was necessary to rehearse because we had not performed together in a year. You see, the band was forced to break up when I left for Florida because there was nobody in Flagstaff with the musical abilities to take over the Bari sax part from me. Anyway, on the way up the highway Chris gets an idea to stop by the Cliff Castle Casino and pushes the rehearsal back to 6 pm. I really do not favor gambling so I just watched him play video blackjack for 30 minutes or so. He lost forty bucks.

Chris and I made it to Flagstaff in time to make some copies of the music for the gig and stop by the Pita Pit for some nosh before we had to be at rehearsal. The rehearsal went fine and it got me psyched to perform that night. For not having done a jazz gig in a year I had my apprehensions at first but as soon as downbeat came I was tearing it up with the best of them! My family chose to come up to see me play and they were all having a good time. Ma, Pa and Groove were doing a bit of the alchohol but CRXBot is still just shy of the legal age so she could not partake. It was fortuitous that our gig was on the outside stage of Flagstaff Brewing Company so that she could still see me play. The crowd resopnse was great and it felt to me as if we had never stopped performing. My family had booked a hotel for the night and I crashed on the floor. It was pretty easy to do after drinking all night.

Saturday my family and I took to the streets of downtown Flagstaff for some shopping and general frolickery. Flagstaff has some great local "Mom and Pop" shops and restaurants to explore and experience. After much browsing and not much buying we settled down to lunch at San Felipe's Cantina. Check out the fish tacos-they are the best anywhere in Arizona! We then proceeded to Wheeler Park to take in the arts and crafts fair going on there for the holiday weekend. Shitty synthesized music behind Navajo pipes and guitar killed the event for me personally. I cannot stand cheesy cover songs performed to backing tape. Cringe. My family soon departed back to Phoenix and I stayed behind because the band had one more gig to do on Sunday evening. So I went to the NAU Music School and practiced for a while until I made arrangements with my friend Laura to stay at her and my other friend Jonas' house. So we grabbed some pizza and then bought some 40s of malt liquor and chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Sunday I got up early and Laura made us blueberry muffins for breakfast. We parted ways and I soon met up with Chris and two of his rather granola-looking friends and we hung out at a coffee house downtown for a wile and then Chris and I left them to go pick up this chick Kelly he has been seeing lately. She had the idea to go to the fairgrounds to take in the horse races and I am sure glad we went! It was pretty exciting trying to figure out the betting strategies while double-fisting beers! After we had our fill of the equine madness we went downtown again to get some sushi. I sure do love me some sushi! Then came the gig at Mogollon. It kicked far too much ass to be legal in my opinion!! That gig was the best one we ever did and probably the best one I have done of any of the bands I have peen a part of. The crowd was behind us 200%! We were jamming and jiving and cleaning clocks! But it was also bittersweet because now Hannis the guitar player and Ron the drummer are moving to NY and Seattle, respectively and I am going back to Florida so the band will truly be scattered now.

I stuck around until Monday so I could rehearse with Jonathan for our performance of the Hindemith duet this Thursday. Actually, as of right now it is today! And that brings my trip to a close. I had so much fun while I was there and even though I was constantly busy it was all done in its own time and pace which allowed for a more relaxed experience. I spent way too much moola, though!

Anyway, hope that catches all of you up to how I am doing. I will probably update soon when the rest of my vacation has passed. Hope everybody out there is doing well!!