23 September 2005


Argh! Saxophone, shmaxophone, nothing but saxmophone all the time! Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying teaching. It's just that I could use a little break from it every now and then. And so I took one. A break, I mean. Teaching gave me a headache today so after my last lesson I went home and never left. I probably could have put in more practice time but I'm burning out right now. I guess other things are on my mind. Lots of reading and homework to catch up on for next week. I have been missing skating lately. I've been too busy to go skate and it's frustrating because I was using it as a means of escape and relaxation. Ahh well, I'll get back into it as soon as I can. Now I have just enough time to catch a little sleep and begin teaching saxophone again! You know, I never really cared much for sleep until I began my duties as a teacher. Go figure!

Oh yeah, I threw something into the pit as well.

10 September 2005


I'm so fucking drunk right now! thirweuog;jvnervjfdsvndkls:J?ILGfengidfhzlbvsdfo.vmkldfzvnfjdbv.jlnjsdi

08 September 2005

I yelled at God today.

Yeah, it's kind of a weird way to begin, but it's true. My lil' sis was in the hospital today. I am so tired of saying that. She has been in the hospital more times in her life than I can remember.

First it was Leukemia.
Then it came back.
More chemo.
Then it came back.
Bone marrow transplant.
After that, secondary infections, Graft-vs.-Host disease, joint problems etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc...
Now, luckily, it was only the removal of the appendix. Still risky, but not that risky. She'll be fine.

Now here's my take on God: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I'm on really shaky grounds with Him right now. Ok, I told someone about my sis and he said, "Well, He has a plan for all of us." I hate that fucking statement. Why should He plan on punishing someone who didn't do wrong in the first place. So some murderer skips jail and my sister gets Leukemia? Hasn't she suffered enough? I think God needs to keep His plans in the right order on that big desk in the sky. I feel bad now for yelling at Him but I suppose if He can forgive us our sins, I can do the same. It's definitely gonna take me a bit of time to be at ease with Him.

Man I was in a bad mood today.

On the positive side, this day is almost over!

P.S. This is for the people I've read about on the Net concerning how their "hearts are with the victims of Hurricane Katrina": DON'T SEND YOUR HEARTS. DO SEND MONEY AND FOOD AND SUPPLIES!!! Nobody needs reassurance. They all know their lives are torn apart right now. Don't get me started on those "Support Our Troops" car ribbons either. Morons.


06 September 2005

Back in the swing of things.

Begin transmission.

I guess it is time to dust off the old blog and freshen it up a bit!

Well, the summer basically came and went. I was in Tallahassee the whole time except for my ten-day trip home to the A of Z. I Visionworked by day and skated by night. All of my fellow Music Peeps were off to parts unknown(as well as known) and so when I was not at work I was pretty isolated away from social happenings and the like. As a result of this the flow in my daily living was skewed a bit and I found it most difficult to put quality time into my musical betterment. That led to doubts about my future and my goals and yadda yadda yadda.

However, now that classes have begun I have experienced a mental one-eighty. I am reenergized about saxophone, music making, and most importantly, teaching. This is a good year to be a teaching assistant at FSU. I have five private students. This is better than the usual three or four that each TA has had in the past. My students are two incoming freshmen and three returning sophomores. They each get A WHOLE HOUR OF MY VALUABLE TIME to learn from me and share in the synthesis of musical expression and scholarly thought! In addition to my students I am to teach a saxophone fundamentals class to all of the new SaxoStudents(my teacher's moniker) as well as the sax portion of the Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone Methods class aimed towards music education majors. All of these responsibilities are new and exciting for me. They also are making me nervous, but it is a good type of nervousness. This is what I want to do for my career and so I better get a-steppin'!

As I mentioned above, I have continued with the skating thing. It has been such a liberating experience for me thus far. I have gotten pretty good at tuning my senses into my surroundings and to really feel the course. To move up, down and along the different banks and transitions requires full sensory effort but it is well worth it. I don't think we have to worry about me going pro or anything but I am definitely going to continue using it as another creative outlet for my artistic tendencies.

And now a note for all of you University of Miami fans: BOO-FREAKIN-YEAH!!! FSU finally beat Miami tonight after seven years of losses. Pretty good start to our season, no?

Still nothing going on in my love life. Go figure!!!

Huh? Wha? Oh, got distracted there for a sec. Anyway, as you all probably know Tallahassee and the rest of Florida escaped the wrath of Katrina. Don't really want to get into it though because the relief situation is too frustrating to talk about. Gas prices suck - thanks alot you sloppy bitch of a storm!

I think I have gone on as far as I am willing to go at this point and so I bid you all a great week and you'll hear again from me soon.

End transmission.