12 April 2007


It's kinda funny how I have managed to go through this Masters degree program and had relatively little amounts of actual research to do. Now I am in the last weeks of my college life and all I have around me is research!

I have to do a "fake" prospectus for a thesis in one of my classes and my Comps questions arrive Monday. Yikes!!! "Comps", or the comprehensive exam, is a series of three questions posed by my three faculty committee members. I have seven days to answer these three questions. The questions pertain to my career as a performer and future college educator. The committee has a week to read them and then I meet with them to defend my answers in a 90 minute grilling. The thing is, I am actually in a way looking forward to it. The suspense is getting to me, I guess. Send me positive vibes next week!

I wanna be done with school!!!

04 April 2007

Jumping the hurdle.

Hey-o! My recital is completed! My playing career is over as I know it - just kidding. But seriously, it was my last official performance here at FSU. I think it went over really successfully. Looking back upon it, I think I chose a rather lenghthy program! I was feeling fatigued before the recital was even over! I guess I should have done more run-throughs. That would have helped me gauge my stamina.

Now it is time to switch from sax mode to scholastic mode. I've got some serious researching and writing and studying ahead of me. Wish me luck!