09 October 2006

The woes of testing.

Why, oh why do tests have to be associated with stress, anxiety, and other ill feelings? Yes, I understand this applies to all of life's little tests, but what I am mainly concerned with here are the tests of the written variety.

You see, I have to take a midterm for my Medieval Music class and as expected I have some apprehension about it. Thankfully I have the luxury to take it almost whenever I wish to because it is an online test through the University computer acess system. I have to take it before tomorrow at 5:30 pm when the test will be closed. I have been allowed to take it since Friday morning but as usual procrastination has set in.

Why do these tests have the power to make or break our college lives? I realize the University has to assess my understanding of the subjct matter, but I somewhat disagree with the idea of having to take a class where your grade is primarily made up of a few tests or papers, etc. I favor the idea of smaller assignments given more frequently. To have to store half of a semester's knowledge into one crucial test is not my cup o'tea!

Well, that's it for now. Gotta go eat my Lean Cuisine stuffed cabbage dinner and get to the studying. Wish me luck!

02 October 2006


Well, at least I WAS...

This is what typing looks like when a person is under the weather. Not much difference, unless you know what to look for. I got to spend my Saturday night rolling around in my bed from severe body aches. That's one thing I've never understood. Why does your body have to hurt and ache so bad when you are sick?! I am feeling somewhat better now and am happy that at least I got sick over the weekend.

Not much else going on around here. More interesting posts will follow, I assure you.