27 August 2006


Less than 7 days until my baby is here!!!

...umm...not THAT kind of baby...my girlyfriend!


School is here as well...kinda pales in comparison.

13 August 2006

Fourth T for V to date.

This was taken outside my apartment yesterday evening following a torrential downpour. Hey, it is Florida after all! No 'doctoring' was done to this photo. Enjoy!

06 August 2006

The an-ti-ci-pa-ti-one is k i l l i n g me (in a totally figurative manner-I'm not really dying).

Only SCHWANTY-SCHEVEN more dayz untills the Germanchick arrives in Tally-ho! I can wait, but don't really want to. See the city 'Stuttgart' in the bottom-left state on the handy-dandy map? That's where she's a-comin' from. Hyphen-hyphen.

Secondarilly, school is fast approaching. I am almost done with my Master's degree now. Not sure what I will be a master of, but that can be sorted out at a later time.